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In 2004, Cigar Family Charitable Foundation started constructing Cigar Family Community Complex.  Currently, Cigar Family Community Complex includes:

            Elementary and High Schools, Health Clinic, Baseball and Basketball Stadiums,
            Solar Energy Station and Organic Farm

Cigar Family Community Complex is located in El Caribe, which is about 30-minute drive from Santiago. In the morning mist, one can smell the fresh dew on the trees as the sun creeps through the clouds. The town of El Caribe is where Chateau de la Fuente, the tobacco plantation of the Fuente family, is located. The legendary Fuente Fuente OpusX wrapper leaves are grown at Chateau de la Fuente, and the success of Fuente Fuente OpusX can be attributed to the people in the village of El Caribe.

We recognize that the people from this community have given so much to cigar lovers all over the world. In contrast, the people in El Caribe do not even have the basic things we often take for granted.

In the five communities surrounding El Caribe, most children have limited access to primary school education. Many children are either not attending school due to the lack of classroom or entering school at a late age. Consequently, 74% of the population in the age group of 6 - 18 years are still in primary school. Furthermore, there is no secondary school in the area.

The children in El Caribe often walk miles to collect their water from the nearest river. The lack of plumbing forces many to collect water from unsafe sources. The development of plumbing system and safe drinking water will improve the overall health of the community.

Cigar Family Community Complex has been playing a key role in improving the living standard of the people in El Caribe.

Cigar Family Charitable Foundation will greatly appreciate your kind donation so that it can continue the construction of Cigar Family Community Complex and pay for the annual operating expenses of the Complex.


What sets Cigar Family Charitable Foundation apart from the other not-for-profit organizations is that all contributed funds go directly to charitable purposes.  All administrative, legal, accounting and fund-raising costs are underwritten by the Fuente and Newman families.

Cigar Family Charitable Foundation
P.O. Box 2030, Tampa, FL 33601, U.S.A.
Phone: 814-248-2124  Fax: 813-241-8275

Cigar Family Community Complex


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