2018 Forbidden X Travel Humidor
2018 Stairway To Heaven Humidor
2017 Tribute to The Man Humidor
2017 Heaven and Earth Humidor
2016 The OpusX Story Humidor
2015 Father and Son Humidor
2015 FFOX 20th Anniversary Travel Humidor
2014 Forbidden X Humidor
2013 Opus22 10th Release Humidor
2012 Arturo Fuente 100th Anniversary Destino al Siglo Humidor
2011 The Fuente Story Humidor
2010 CFCF Humidor
2009 The Lost City Humidor
2008 The Fuente Story Humidor
2006 Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario Humidor
2002 FFOX Forbidden X Humidor
2000 FFOX Travel Humidor
1999 FFOX Millenium Humidor

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