2018 L.E. Fuente Fuente OpusX Pocket Travel Humidors
The 2018 Limited Edition Fuente Fuente OpusX Forbidden X Pocket Travel Humidor by Prometheus
Veneer: Black, Blue, Macassar Ebony, Rosewood

Total Release Quantity: 1,000
     Black: 250
     Blue: 250
     Macassar Ebony: 250
     Rosewood: 250
Dimensions: 7.56 inch x 3.90 x 1.61 (192 mm x 99 x 41)

Prometheus Pocket Travel Humidor comes with Complementary Protective Carrying Case.

Prometheus Pocket Travel Humidor can hold three 60-ring (24 mm) and 6.75-inch (172 mm) long cigars. It is built with a great seal, which prevents cigars from drying up. No humidifier is needed.

MSRP $150.00
Black (H-Pocket/FB), Release Quantity: 250, MSRP $150.00 
Blue (H-Pocket/FL), Release Quantity: 250, MSRP $150.00 
Macassar Ebony (H-Pocket/FM), Release Quantity: 250, MSRP $150.00 
Rosewood (H-Pocket/FR), Release Quantity: 250, MSRP $150 
Prometheus Pocket Travel Humidors come with Complementary Protective Carrying Case.
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